The Moon

PG, 1000 words, fairytale au (klaine week), slightly based on the movie Stardust.

“You don’t look like the moon.”

There was a man, in the crater. His skin was pale and soft, and seemed to glow. He was wearing white candid clothes that Blaine thought only nobleman dared wearing, during formal dances in their majestic castles. Actually, he resembled the moon greatly, but Blaine never imagined it to be so… human.

“If I had a penny every time someone said it,” snapped the man, shrugging the dirt off the pants, where he got it when he fell from the sky. He let go of Blaine’s helping hand, and looked up longingly in the air.

“So, tell me,” he sighed tiredly, and strolled in the direction of Blaine’s horse, “Are you one of those fools who promise to bring the moon to their beloved in the sign of eternal love?”

Blaine rushed to get in pace with him.

“Yes, no, I mean, I’m not a fool,” the man cast Blaine a judging look, so he hurried to explain, “My beloved Rachel, the dame of my heart, requested I bring her the moon, otherwise she would marry Finn… or Jesse… or Brody.”

“I do think you’re a fool,” laughed the man, and the sound of his tinkling laughter echoed in the dark night. They arrived to the horse, and the man patted the animal gently on the head.

“Come on, let’s get this over with, so I can return to the sky.”

“What do you mean? You’re not going anywhere,” Blaine tensed.

“It goes the same way every time. The young lover fetches me from the sky with the help of a witch’s spell, is surprised and secretly disappointed that I’m a man, brings me to the future bride, she runs away, shrieking, I return to the sky. Ordinary,” he faked a yawn.

“I’m no ordinary man,” Blaine snapped back, adding force to his voice, I will find my happy ending.

“We’ll see,” the man replied with a shadow of a smile, swiftly jumping up and sitting on the horse’s back. Glaring at him, Blaine scrambled to get on top too.

They embarked on a long and dangerous journey to Blaine’s county.

The days required to get home doubled, as Blaine hadn’t predicted the fact that they could ride only at night, when the moon, he quickly learned his name - Kurt, was full in his power and healthy in his mind, because by daylight he became sleepy and tired. Of course, Blaine could tie him up, but he knew he had to protect the moon, had to bring him safe and glowing to Rachel. Besides, it wasn’t in Blaine’s nature to harm innocent creatures.

The first difficulty they encountered were the mountain trolls, who lived under a bridge. Blaine’s ancient sword came in handy, as he promptly killed the biggest troll who clearly wanted to throw their horse, with both of them on top of it, into the mighty torrent. The avidity and lack of remorse of his first murder surprised him, because he understood deep down that he wouldn’t have fought if Kurt wasn’t with him. And then he realized he wouldn’t have survived without Kurt’s light.

It slightly changed the first impression of Kurt, that of a snarky know-all cynic.

The second complication in the voyage came in the face of the elves. They charmed Blaine with their songs and dances, and drugged him into a state of helpless trance with their ambrosia-smelling drinks. Kurt was immune to the bewitchery, and he saved Blaine with his astute mind and knowledge of elfish ways.

The minute Blaine saw Kurt’s worried face after his mind was cleared off  the clouds, he was struck by the combination of delicacy and force, wondered how he never noticed its beauty before.

The third time was the worst. Traveling through the forest, they were attacked by a flock of angry hippogriffs. In the fight, they lost their horse, and Kurt was badly injured. Using the last spell he learned from the witch, Blaine relocated them to the nearest inn, and paid nearly all his money to get shelter, food, a bath and medicaments for Kurt.

After treating Kurt’s wound, he laid him gently on the bed, and the first time allowed himself to cry. It was his fault that Kurt had to suffer, might even die. Big tears rolled down Blaine’s cheeks as he watched Kurt’s beautiful face contorted in pain of a restless sleep. And all of this for what? Blaine realized he hadn’t thought about Rachel, her wish, her fake love for a long time. He just wanted Kurt to be safe and happy. And the reason was as simple as could be. Because Blaine fell in love with him.

After three days of guarding by Kurt’s bed, Blaine was immensely glad that Kurt seemed to recover. He held Kurt’s hand, squeezing it close, and his heart leaped every time Kurt squeezed back.

“Blaine,” Kurt weakly called him one day, when Blaine was changing Kurt’s bandages “What are you doing?”

“I’m taking care of you, because you’re injured,” Blaine replied softly.

“I’m the moon. I can’t die, you fool,” Kurt smiled faintly.

Blaine smiled in return. He remembered the day they first met, and how Kurt had called him a fool almost instantly. He certainly was a fool, still is maybe. Looking Kurt in the eyes, he whispers.

“I’m your fool.”

He notices how Kurt’s skin begins to glow in a brighter color, illuminating both of them, how his eyes light up with emotion and honesty.

“I’ve never been kissed,” Kurt murmurs suddenly, stealing a glance to Blaine’s lips.

They are so close, so incredibly close, but not enough, and Blaine surrenders and leans in, pressing a soft kiss to Kurt’s lips. It’s intimate and perfect, and too short.

“This is a different kind of magic,” Kurt says against his lips, a giggle escaping him.

“The most beautiful kind,” Blaine leans in again, and again, forgetting about the world of dangers and pain, basking in the light of Kurt’s love.

Blaine’s heart fills with warmth when he looks into Kurt’s eyes and realizes that he already found what he has been looking for forever: his fairytale happy ending.


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